SEACEN-IMF course on External Sector Analysis

Event Code : MP3C Date : 15.05.2017 to 26.05.2017
Venue : Sri Lanka Co-ordinator :
Host : Central Bank of Sri Lanka


The high degree of openness and increased integration of most SEACEN economies have complicated central banks’ tasks in macroeconomic and monetary policy management, especially in handling external shocks. The global financial crisis is one such episode where even fundamentally strong economies can be affected by contagion effects. This two-week course will address issues of current concern, including the management of global capital flows, exchange rate measurement and assessment, macroeconomic interconnectedness, the measurement of competitiveness, and external debt sustainability analysis.    

Objectives: At the end of the course, participants will be able to: (1) assess the impact of international capital flows and the management of such flows; (2) construct and interpret alternative exchange rate indices; (3) provide an assessment of exchange rate equilibrium and misalignment; and, (4) conduct an external debt sustainability analysis.      

Target Participants: Middle-level officers/technical staff of central banks with at least two years of experience in balance of payments analysis and surveillance, exchange rate policy, macroeconomic and monetary policy analysis, and surveillance




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