SEACEN Advanced Course on Payment and Settlement Systems (back-to-back with 16th Meeting of SEACEN Directors of Payment and Settlement Systems (DOPSS)) (Signature Program)

Event Code : PS1C Date : 22.05.2017 to 26.05.2017
Venue : Malaysia Co-ordinator :
Host : The SEACEN Centre


Summary: Building on knowledge gained from the SEACEN Intermediate Course on Payment and Settlement Systems, this Advanced Course focuses on policy and topical issues of interest in the payment and settlement systems (PSS) of emerging market economies. Central bank officials whose principal role is the oversight of systemically important payment systems, with at least 5 years relevant working experience. Officials who are involved in developing payment policy and oversight may also apply. Participants are expected to be familiar with the risk profile and risk management of the RTGS. 

Objectives: The Course aims to enable participants to apply assessment methodology for observance of the CPSS Systemically Important Payment Systems (SIPS) Core Principles (CPs). Specifically, participants will be able to: (i) describe key considerations for each of the SIPS CPs and roles of central banks; (ii) based on country experiences, identify best practices in complying with the SIPS CPs; (iii) apply assessment methodology to assess observance of national payment systems with SIPS CPs; and (iv) compare the differences between SIPS CPs and Principles for Financial Market Infrastructure (PFMI).

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