Foundational Course for Bank Examiners (Coordinator: Ms. Poh Lin)

Event Code : FS1A Date : 04.12.2017 to 08.12.2017
Venue : Fiji Co-ordinator : Ms. Gan Poh Lin
Host : Reserve Bank of Fiji


Summary: This program covers foundational skills for bank examiners in emerging markets. The course will provide practical knowledge on gathering and assessing information on various aspects of banks’ business and condition, which will serve as input into overall examination findings. Participants, who should have at least twelve months’ experience in undertaking onsite exminations, will be provided with the foundational framework for effective supervision and risk based surveillance.


Objectives: Using case studies and examples, participants will learn to apply fundamental examination concepts and principles, be made aware of related international standards and recognized sound practices, and learn to formulate appropriate recommendations for remedial action when there are weaknesses or unsound practices or conditions in evidence.

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