Course on Enterprise Risk Management (Signature Course) - Dates TBC

Event Code : FS6A Date : 03.07.2017 to 07.07.2017
Venue : To Be Confirmed Co-ordinator :
Host : To Be Confirmed


Summary: This SEACEN course is designed to be highly interactive to help participants understand the framework of banks and other financial institutions’ ERM framework. An effective ERM framework should provide a structured approach for identifying, measuring, controlling, and reporting on the significant risks faced by an organization. This includes Credit, Market, Operational, Liquidity and Capital management.

Objectives: This Course will provide participants an opportunity for in-depth understanding of, and discussion around, banks’ ERM frameworks. It is targeted at experienced bank supervisors and other central bank personnel who have several years’ active experience of being involved in assessing banks’ risk management and ERM frameworks.

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