Participation in SEACEN meetings is by invitation. SEACEN only invites and accepts nominations to participate in its meeting programme from its member central banks/monetary authorities, observer and invitee central banks/monetary authorities as approved by the SEACEN Board of Governors.

Upcoming Meetings

No. Date Event Venue
1. 25.05.2017 - 26.05.2017 Directors of Payment and Settlement Systems Malaysia
2. 06.07.2017 - 07.07.2017 Meeting of the Directors of Monetary Policy Malaysia
3. 08.08.2017 - 09.08.2017 19th SEACEN-FSI Conference of the Directors of Supervision of Asia Pacific Economies AND 30th Meeting of Directors of Supervision of SEACEN Members Hong Kong
4. 14.08.2017 - 16.08.2017 1st SEACEN Strategic HR Conference (HR Seminar, HR Roundtable Forum, and Directors of Training Meeting) Philippines
5. 25.08.2017 - 25.08.2017 12th SEACEN- BOJ Meeting of the SEACEN Expert Group (SEG) on Capital Flows Malaysia
6. 06.09.2017 - 07.09.2017 Deputy Governors of Financial Stability Malaysia
7. 29.09.2017 - 30.09.2017 SEACEN Executive Committee (EXCO) Myanmar
8. 15.12.2017 - 17.12.2017 Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting Thailand

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