In 2016, six research programs are proposed. These consist of four collaborative projects and two ‘Just-in-time’ high level seminars.

The proposed research projects are as follows:

Research Projects

a. Managing and Supervising Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs) in SEACEN Economies;

b. Global Liquidity and the Impact of Capital Flows on Exchange Rate in SEACEN Economies;

c. Inflation Dynamics in the SEACEN Economies; and

d. Monetary Transmission in the SEACEN Economies.

All the research projects are carried out with the collaboration of researchers from member banks. Research projects (a) and (b) are proposed based on information  gathered for the Meeting of Directors of Supervision and Payment Systems and the Meeting of SEACEN Directors of Research and Training.

Topics (c) and (d) will be the results of the survey responses received from the member banks’ research departments.
High-Level Research Seminars

Two “Just-in-time” seminars on topics which will be decided nearer to the date of  implementation to ensure timeliness of the seminar topics.

High- Level Seminars (back-to-back with Policy Meetings)

For FY2016, SEACEN proposes to implement six high-level seminars/conference/learning/research programs which will be held back-to-back with high-level meetings.

The themes of the respective seminars will be topical and policy oriented in nature, aiming to derive potential regional views.

SEACEN Research Week Programme

1)     First SEACEN Research WEEK, 9 – 10 August 2016 

Resource Speakers:

Dr. Peter Tillmann (Monetary Policy, Expectations and Uncertainty: Evidence from Twitter), SEACEN Visiting Economist and Professor of Monetary  Economics, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany; and Dr. Paul Mizen (The Divergence of Bank Lending Rates from Policy Rates After the Financial Crisis: The Role of Bank Funding Costs), SEACEN Visiting Scholar and Professor of Economics, University of Nottingham.


2)     Second SEACEN Research WEEK,18-19 October 2016 

Resource Speaker:

Dr. Kamil Yilmaz (Financial and Macroeconomic Connectedness), SEACEN Visiting Economist and Professor of Economics Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey.


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