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(WP17/2016)The Financial Cycles in Four East Asian Economies

Author : Dr. Victor Pontines

Downloads: 172
(WP16/2016) Foreign Currency Borrowing, Exports and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Currency Crisis

Authors : Spiros Bougheas, Hosung Lim, Simona Mateut, Paul Mizen and Cihan Yalcin

Downloads: 379
(WP15/2016)Quantitative Easing and Tapering Uncertainty: Evidence from Twitter

Authors : Annette Meinusch and Peter Tillmann
Pages : 36
Publication Date : August 2016

Downloads: 353
(WP14/2016) Empirical Investigation into the Path-Goal Leadership Theory in the Central Bank Fraternity: Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction

Authors : Lim Choon Yang and Vincent Lim CS
Pages : 27
Publication Date : April 2016

Downloads: 1457
(WP13/2016) Living with Volatilities: Capital Flows and Policy Implications for SEACEN Central Banks

Author : Chris Becker
Pages : 42
Publication Date : February 2016

Downloads: 937