Central Bank Governance Seminar

Event Code :G1A
Venue :Sri Lanka
Host Name :Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Coordinator :Rahimah3
Date From :01 Jul 2018
Date To :04 Jul 2018


This seminar will cover the concepts and sound practices on select dimensions for strengthening the governance arrangements in central banks. As this will be a highly interactive seminar, participants will be encouraged to share experiences and compare alternative approaches to tackling the challenges they face.

Target Participants: The seminar is aimed at the most suitable high-level executives involved in the particular governance areas with considerable contribution to decision-making to promote the strengthening of governance arrangements in their central banks.


The seminar will offer practical advice on particular issues, stimulate an exchange of perspectives among participants, and enable participants to distill key take-aways that they can put into action on their return to the workplace.