SEACEN Policy Summit 2018

Event Code :M01-2018
Venue :Malaysia
Host Name :The SEACEN Centre
Coordinator :Ms. Rosslyn
Date From :03 May 2018
Date To :04 May 2018


Due to overwhelming response, registrations have been closed as of Friday, 13 April.

The extreme gyrations in the price of Bitcoin over the past six months have brought digital currencies to the forefront of popular attention.  By contrast, many central banks around the world have been thinking about the ramifications of such financial and technological innovation for quite some time.  This is because cryptocurrencies and the associated distributed ledger technology have the potential to upend all traditional responsibilities of central banks, including the conduct and transmission of monetary policy, ensuring and safeguarding financial stability, providing for secure and efficient payment and settlement systems and operating safe and effective currency management.
Incorporating presenters from the Swedish Riksbank, Bank of Canada, ECB, BIS, IMF, the Peterson Institute of International Economics in Washington, DC, Brandeis University, the Graduate Institute, Geneva and Sciences Po in Paris, the Policy Summit will address all these issues.  
The first half day is reserved for closed-door presentations and discussions for central bankers from SEACEN member central banks, while the second full day is open to the public. 

The agenda for the public session on 4th May can be viewed here (click link).