Springboard Leadership Course – Leading Adaptively

Event Code :L2A-2019
Venue :Malaysia
Host Name :Bank Negara Malaysia
Coordinator :
Date From :07 Apr 2019
Date To :12 Apr 2019


This Springboard course offers an application of Complex Adaptive Leadership, an integrated approach to the subject of leading with greater agility to optimise organisational performance. The focus is on specific tools to address strategic challenges and enable the achievement of better and faster results in the leadership space. Through a variety of experiential activities, participants will learn that adaptability is a teachable process, not simply an innate talent. This week-long course will seamlessly cover three pertinent areas for enhancing adaptive leadership: leading self, leading in the digital era, and leading others.


•    Gain a better understanding of the need for leadership to adapt in a complex landscape, and how simple rules can apply to improve engagement and productivity
•    Develop a powerful mix of behaviours to enable leadership not only downwards but upwards, sideways, and outwards to extend influence
•    Articulate your personal calling and develop a strategy for advancing it

Target Participants

Aimed at middle-level managers with at least three years of experience, who lead teams and/or are involved in top-priority projects.