Leadership Masterclass I – Leadership Decision Making

Event Code :L1A-2019
Venue :Korea
Host Name :Bank of Korea
Coordinator :
Date From :17 Jun 2019
Date To :21 Jun 2019


Distilling insights from psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience, this Masterclass exposes participants to an understanding of the complexities and realities that make or break the effectiveness of decision environments within their organisations. The curriculum will employ a decision-making framework and expound on how human feelings influence risk perception, economic transactions, judgement and choice outcomes. Class discussions will examine what it takes to answer tough questions, structure effective negotiations, improve the accuracy of estimates and transform information into new formulations.


•    Expand your emotional and social intelligence to become a better ‘decision architect’
•    Identify and overcome pitfalls in developing wise judgement and making effective decisions
•    Adopt skills for designing accountability systems for judgement and decision-making and for gaining support for your decisions

Target Participants

Aimed at senior executives of Deputy Director level at least, who are keen to learn the art and science of making rational choices to create strategic advantage.