Analysis and Modelling of Macro-Financial Linkages

Event Code :MP3B-2019
Venue :Indonesia
Host Name :Bank Indonesia
Coordinator :Ms. Haslina
Date From :08 Jul 2019
Date To :12 Jul 2019


Monetary policy actions have broader sectoral impacts encompassing the banking, financial, government and real sectors. Likewise, developments and shocks emanating from one or several of these sectors have profound monetary and financial stability implications. This course is designed to analyse and model macro-financial linkages with the aim of tracing monetary policy transmission to various sectors of the economy as well as analysing monetary and financial stability implications of domestic and external developments and shocks from various sectors. Topics will include macro-financial linkages and policy spillovers; asset prices and macroeconomic outcomes; global liquidity, cross-border banking and the bank lending channel and feedback loops from both real and financial sectors.


At the end of the course, participants will: (1) have a clearer understanding of the channels through which monetary policy actions affect financial and real sectors; (2) appreciate interlinkages and feedback loops between banking, financial, government and real sectors; and (3) have greater knowledge of macroeconomic outcomes and monetary and financial stability implications of asset prices, cross-border banking and liquidity and sovereign debt.

Target Participants

This course is intended for central bank staff with at least two years of experience in monetary and/or financial stability analysis and research. Participants are expected to have good background in economics and strong quantitative skills.