Leadership Masterclass II – Leading Innovation and Creating Value

Event Code :L1B-2019
Venue :Singapore
Host Name :Monetary Authority of Singapore
Coordinator :
Date From :23 Sep 2019
Date To :26 Sep 2019


All organisations, including central banks, must create value for their stakeholders. Leaders who innovate are better able to deliver greater results with fewer resources. This Masterclass offers a hands-on and team-based experience in design thinking to catalyse creativity.  Participants must participate in a range of exercises, aimed at taking them well outside their zone of comfort and build their confidence to think ‘disruptively’. 


•    Gain an understanding of the innovation concepts, methodologies and processes
•    Embrace an intrapreneurship and innovation mindset
•    Develop strategies to better collaborate, work in teams and lead others

Target Participants

Aimed at executives from both middle- and senior-level management, who are particularly keen to actively learn how to nurture a culture that values innovative ideas and creative solutions.