Central Bank Governance (Signature Course) – Roles and Objectives of Modern Central Banks

Event Code :G1A-2019
Venue :Malaysia
Host Name :Bank Negara Malaysia
Coordinator :
Date From :11 Nov 2019
Date To :13 Nov 2019


This seminar will cover areas including the functions, structures, processes, authority to design policy, degree of responsibility and influence, and differences in functions between mature and emerging financial market environments. As best practices in governance are not homogenous, a critical success factor for this seminar is that participants must be prepared to share experiences and compare approaches to tackling the challenges faced in their individual central banks. 


The seminar will offer practical advice on particular governance issues, stimulate an exchange of perspectives among participants and guide purposeful reflections for the identification of action steps that can be implemented upon return to the workplace.

Target Participants

The seminar is aimed at the most suitable high-level executives involved in the particular governance areas with considerable contribution to decision-making to promote the strengthening of governance arrangements in their central banks.