Strategic Human Capital –Talent Acquisition and Retention of Multi-Generational Workforce: Preparing Central Banks for New Realities

Event Code :HC1A-2020
Venue :Philippines
Host Name :Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Coordinator :Ms. Khu Aliah
Date From :03 Aug 2020
Date To :05 Aug 2020


This course will focus on the future of works related to recruitment and retention of Multi-Generational Workforce, how central banks would strategize in their Talent Acquisition and Retention in mitigating the challenges. The course aims to prepare and expose the Human Capital Professionals of SEACEN Member Central Banks to the challenges, dynamics and strengths of the multi-generational workforce as well as how these can be capitalized towards preparing for organizational effectiveness.
At the end of the course, the participants will have:
  • examined the multi-generational workforce, exposed to the characteristics and traits of different generation cohorts and their expectation towards the organization as well as how the Human Capital roles will change in the future in terms of talent acquisition and retention initiatives;
  • increased awareness of factors affecting staff retention, especially in their own organizational context, able to apply the acquired knowledge in creating candidates’ experience during recruitment and strategize for targeted recruitment activities;
  • explored succession and progression planning, apply some if not all, the acquired knowledge and shared experience in the implementation of their multi-generation talent retention strategies;
  • Exposure and experienced of some relevant case studies.
Target Participants
This course is intended for Human Capital Professionals of Senior Manager level and above, that handle the following HR spectrums at central bank/monetary authorities; i.e. Organizational Development, Recruitment, Talent Management, and Learning & Development.