Springboard Leadership – Leading My Team for High-Level Performance

Event Code :L2A-2020
Venue :Singapore
Host Name :Monetary Authority of Singapore
Coordinator :Ms. Khu Aliah
Date From :07 Sep 2020
Date To :11 Sep 2020


This Springboard leadership programme offers an application of approaches to nurture, grow and amplify the capabilities of team members so they are motivated to enhance their performance and be ready to assume strategic leadership roles over time.
The programme is rooted in the philosophy that effective organisational or team performance is based on a clear understanding of the shared goals, strategies and work plans, along with the individual roles and responsibilities of team members. Equally important are the interpersonal qualities of trust, communication and mutual accountability. These two perspectives will be drawn together to demonstrate the critical elements to achieve and sustain high performance among team members.
The programme will feature practice on key skills needed to address the inevitable challenges that arise in teams, notably, coaching, providing feedback and managing conflict.
  • Delve into the principles and behaviours for exceptional team leadership
  • Develop the practice of mindfulness to become aware of your surroundings and manage your emotions
  • Articulate your personal calling and craft a strategy for advancing team leadership
Target Participants
Aimed at middle-level managers with ten years of experience or less, including newly promoted middle-level managers, who lead teams.