Central Bank Governance: Keys to Good Governance: Culture and Ethics

Event Code :G1A-2020
Venue :Malaysia
Host Name :Bank Negara Malaysia
Coordinator :Ms. Khu Aliah
Date From :24 Aug 2020
Date To :26 Aug 2020


This seminar will cover areas on strengthening institutional governance through culture and ethics. It will bring to the fore the latest thinking and insights for achieving sound standards of institutional governance through a strong focus on these key aspects of governance.
The seminar will highlight how good practice has been applied in real-world central banking situations that are deeply challenging and cannot be easily addressed by generic methodologies and approaches. Presentations, interactive learning and case study examples will aim to establish concepts and tools that can be flexibly applied to add value for participating central banks across a range of statutory and national environments.
As best practices in governance are not homogenous, a critical success factor for this seminar is that participants must be prepared to share their experiences and compare approaches to tackling the particular challenges faced in their individual central banks. 
  • Provide an overview of the key elements of promoting institutional excellence through good governance
  • Enable participants to build a deeper understanding of culture and ethics as key aspects of institutional governance
  • practical advice on particular governance issues and guide reflections for the identification of action steps that can be implemented upon return to the workplace
Target Participants
The seminar is aimed at the most suitable senior-level executives who are directly involved in the decision-making and development of institutional excellence in their central banks.