WEBINAR: Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance

Event Code :WB152020
Venue :Online Webinar
Host Name :Online Webinar
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Date From :12 May 2020
Date To :12 May 2020



The current Covid-19 crisis highlight just how vulnerable we are to environmental disasters, as well as their deep economic cost. It has increased the onus on Central Banks and Regulators to continue to guide the financial system towards more environmentally sustainable models, particularly in light of all the fiscal and monetary stimulus that is being injected into financial systems.

To launch the second phase of climate risk work SEACEN will be getting involved in during 2020/21, we have invited Mr. Clément Bourgey from the NGFS Secretariat to speak to SEACEN’s stakeholders. He will talk about the origin and mandate of the NGFS, why climate matters for central banks and supervisors, what the NGFS has been doing so far and upcoming reports from the NGFS.

Mr. Bourgey will be joined by Dr. Mangal Goswami, Executive Director, Mr. Glenn Tasky, Director, and Mr. Aziz Durrani, Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the SEACEN Centre.

Those who are interested can review the latest research paper on The Role of Central Banks in Scaling up Sustainable Finance from The SEACEN Centre, which can be reviewed here.

This webinar is exclusive to staff of SEACEN member Central Banks/Monetary Authorities.