WEBINAR: Three Lines of Defense

Event Code :WB162020
Venue :Online Webinar
Host Name :Online Webinar
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Date From :20 May 2020
Date To :20 May 2020


Starling is an applied behavioral sciences technology company, specializing in the application of technology to better understand the culture of an organization, such as a financial institution, and possibly spot leading indicators of potential misconduct. 

Erich Hoefer, Co-Founder, Starling Trust Sciences LLC


In this webinar, Erich will introduce to the viewers the April 2020 edition of Starling’s annual compendium, “Culture & Conduct Risk in the Banking Sector:  Why it matters and what regulators are doing to address it.”  He will focus on the recent developments in the evolving practice of culture and conduct evaluations of banks by supervisory authorities.  Erich will also discuss the “Three Lines of Defense” model of the control functions of a bank, and describe why the model works much better on paper than it does in the real world, especially in light of the challenges of COVID-19. 


The webinar will be moderated by Mr. Glenn Tasky, Director, Financial Stability and Supervision / Payment and Settlement Systems, The SEACEN Centre; and Mr. Aziz Durrani, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, FSS/PSS, The SEACEN Centre.