SEACEN-NGFS Webinar on Integrating Climate Risks Into Prudential Supervision

Event Code :WB352020
Venue :Online Webinar
Host Name :Online Webinar
Coordinator :
Date From :18 Jun 2020
Date To :18 Jun 2020


Following on from the first SEACEN-NGFS webinar on climate risk, this webinar will now go into the detail of the NGFS recommendations on integrating climate-related and environmental risks into prudential supervision. Using the recently published NGFS Guide for Supervisors on Integrating Climate-Related and Environmental Risks into Prudential Supervision, it will highlight examples of risks assessments and supervisory expectations in these areas. The speakers will be Irene Heemskerk, Special Advisor to the Chair of the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System, and Guan Schellekens, Lead Supervisor on Climate rRsks at the European Central Bank.