WEBINAR: US Policy Response to COVID-19 Financial and Economic Crisis From a Bankers Perspective

Event Code :WB402020
Venue :Online Webinar
Host Name :Online Webinar
Coordinator :Mr. Syaiful Hafizi
Date From :23 Jun 2020
Date To :23 Jun 2020



This webinar provides a general overview of the US policy response to the COVID 19 financial and economic crisis from a community banker’s perspective, particularly related to SME financing.  This session will focus on the crucial need to support SMEs for job retention and market stability, and the various SBA concession programs including the Paycheck Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program, and the P&I 6 month deferment program for existing SBA loans.  It will also cover the Treasury Department’s Main Street Lending Program.  The discussion will cover the particular challenges and pros and cons of each program, roll out status, economic impact to date, and potential impacts going forward.

The guest speaker for this webinar is Virginia Varela. She is the President and CEO of Golden Pacific Bank, a Sacramento based community bank with a mission of providing exceptional business banking services and customer satisfaction.  Virginia is a seasoned banker with over 30 years of successful experience, both as a bank executive and as a former banking regulator.  Virginia held various positions of authority with regulatory agencies including the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury Department.  She was a manager of examinations and supervision, helped develop banking law, drafted Congressional presentations, and provided expertise to financial institutions of all complexities.  After retirement from the Federal government, Virginia was President of San Luis Trust Bank in San Luis Obispo, CA, CEO of the Bank of Rio Vista, CA, and COO of the Bank of the Orient in San Francisco, responsible for managing ten branches, including three in Hawaii, and one in China.  Ms. Varela is proficient in many aspects of innovative banking. In 2014 to 2017 she led Golden Pacific Bank in a joint venture partnership to develop one of the first national fintech automated small business lending platforms that is licensed to several bank users. 

In November 2018 Virginia was elected by California State banks and credit unions to represent them as a Director of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.  She is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors. 

Virginia is the Vice President and Western Region lead representative for “Friends of Traditional Bankers.” Virginia also serves as a Director of the Western Bankers Association and is a Committee Associate of the American Bankers Association.