WEBINAR: The Talent Performance Formula

Event Code :WB542020
Venue :Online Webinar
Host Name :The SEACEN Centre
Coordinator :Ms. Khu Aliah
Date From :25 Aug 2020
Date To :25 Aug 2020


This session will be moderated by Ms Rosliza Abd Rahman, Senior Analyst, Human Capital, at the SEACEN Centre.

Individual workplace differences can be overwhelming sometimes for a manager or a leader. Dealing with diverse employee attitudes can be very exhausting and doubly challenging during a crisis. In the current digital era, people are normally pressured to keep up, as technology takes the limelight. The speed of delivery is seen to be of prime value; even decisions need to be made fast, sometimes overlooking the impact on the people in and around the picture. This session will hopefully draw every manager or leader back to the basic charts of turning the utmost attention again to the human factor. Studies and best practices follow consciously and unconsciously a certain approach to harmonizing the variables of this paradox behind talent performance. The formula challenges a manager or a leader to answer critical questions such as "Are people equipped to meet the original targets, or we revisit these and customize? Are we giving them the flexibility and trusting them in the course? Do we ensure they still have a say in our critical decisions"?