SEACEN-ASB Webinar: Monetary Policy with Opinionated Markets

Venue :Online Seminars
Host Name :The SEACEN Centre
Date From :21 Apr 2021
Date To :21 Apr 2021


Smiley face Central banks (the Fed) and markets (the market) often disagree about the path of interest rates. In this webinar, Alp Simsek will present his work with Ricardo J. Caballero whereby they that develops a model in which where these different views stem from disagreements between the Fed and the market about future aggregate demand. In their model, agents learn from the data but not from each other – they are opinionated. They explore the implications of these disagreements for monetary policy, the term structure of interest rates, and economic activity.”

The speaker for this co-organised Seminar will be Alp Simsek (MIT - currently visiting Chicago Booth). Click here to register.
The full paper is also available here.