Colonial Pipeline and Ransomware: Lessons for Financial Institutions

Venue :Online Seminars
Host Name :The SEACEN Centre
Date From :30 Jul 2021
Date To :30 Jul 2021


The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack which hit critical U.S. national energy infrastructure may represent a new level of ransomware. The attack is an important reminder of what experts already knew: is the importance of public and private sector to build a deeper relationship on cybersecurity to stay ahead of accelerating, and more advanced threats.

The scale, novelty and aggressiveness of the SolarWinds attack involving nation-state actors, which made its way through both business and government systems, combined with the new hit on critical infrastructure using ransomware, heightens attention on a long sought goal of greater government-industry cooperation on cybersecurity.

The purpose of Cyber Coffee Chat with Mark - Colonial Pipeline and Ramsonware: Lessons for Financial Institutions is to:

Discuss the nature and modus operandi of the ramsomware attack; and

Identify and discuss key lessons for Financial Institutions.