Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Event Code :FS4B
Venue :Malaysia
Host Name :Bank Negara Malaysia
Coordinator :Ms. Haslina
Date From :26 Feb 2018
Date To :02 Mar 2018


The course focuses on the taxonomy of AML and CFT, including predicate offenses, large cash transactions, suspicious transactions, and politically-exposed persons; covered entities; mechanics of money laundering; recordkeeping and reporting, a risk-based approach to AML and CFT examination, supervisory action the function of a financial intelligence unit, the role of international standard-setting bodies such as the Financial Actions Task Force, and internal controls to reduce the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Target Participants: The course is geared mainly for bank supervisors, as opposed to FIU personnel. The ideal candidate would be a safety-and-soundness examiner who is being retrained as a thematic AML/CFT specialist examiner.


To assist participants in applying the latest advances in AML and CFT tools and techniques, including a risk-based approach to thematic AML and CFT examinations.