Foundational Course for Bank Examiners

Event Code :FS1A
Venue :Papua New Guinea
Host Name :Bank of Papua New Guinea
Coordinator :Mr. Syaiful
Date From :29 Oct 2018
Date To :02 Nov 2018


This course provides the participants with the foundational framework for effective supervision and risk based surveillance as it covers the foundational skills for bank examiners in emerging markets. It includes practical knowledge on gathering and assessing information on various aspects of banks’ business and condition, which serves as inputs into overall examination findings. Competencies that are important both to off-site analysts and on-site examiners, such as financial statement analysis, trend analysis, peer group comparisons, capital adequacy and profitability analysis, basic risk identification, early fraud identification, and fraud risk reduction will be emphasized.

Target Participants: Banking supervisors/examiners who are relatively new to their role but with at least 12 months of experience in helping supervise a financial institution or in undertaking on-site examinations.


Using case studies and examples, with data and information on actual banks, participants learn to apply fundamental examination concepts and principles. They are also made aware of related international standards and recognized sound practices, and learn to formulate appropriate recommendations for remedial action when there are weaknesses or unsound practices or conditions in evidence.