Springboard Leadership Course

Event Code :L2A
Venue :India
Host Name :Reserve Bank of India
Coordinator :Rahimah2
Date From :06 May 2018
Date To :11 May 2018


This highly experiential course is designed to highlight to middle-level managers the distinction between adopting a ‘learner’ mindset and a ‘knower’ mindset to drive results. It will bring to the fore the benefits of striving to remain a learner for life and setting the tone for the culture to resonate with team members to elevate performance.

Target Participants: The course is aimed at middle-level managers with at least three years of experience whose responsibilities have steadily increased and are motivated to grow their leadership roles. Participants for this course must show keen interest to learn how to lead with a more open, curious attitude.


Central to the theme, the curriculum will help participants to:

  • - Explore how to better add value to their leadership with a learner mindset;
  • - Identify personal habits and styles that impede their leadership growth;
  • - Develop strategies for productive habits and build personal credibility; and
  • - Craft action plans to accelerate their leadership development in central banking