Macroprudential Supervision, including Stress Testing (joint with MMPM)

Event Code :FS2A
Venue :Indonesia
Host Name :Bank Indonesia
Coordinator :Ms. Mangai
Date From :06 Aug 2018
Date To :10 Aug 2018


The course focuses on the latest developments in macroprudential supervision, including a review of commonly-used macroprudential policies, triggers for intervention, designation of banks as systemically important, institutional mechanisms for applying policies, and macro stress testing.

Target Participants: The course targets bank supervisors working in financial stability, on-site examination, off-site monitoring, and regulatory policy development who monitor the build-up of threats to financial stability and recommend and/or implement macroprudential measures.


To assist the participants in understanding how, when, and what kind of macroprudential policies should be used to build up resilience of financial institutions to imbalances, asset price bubbles, and other threats to financial stability.