Advanced Course on Payment and Settlement Systems (Signature Course)

Event Code :PS1C
Venue :Indonesia
Host Name :Bank Indonesia
Coordinator :Mr. Syaiful
Date From :02 Jul 2018
Date To :06 Jul 2018


The rapid advancement of technology has opened new opportunities for the enhancement of systems used for processing payments. At the same time, it has also encouraged perpetrators of cybercrime to develop more sophisticated and advanced tools. This increases the exposure of financial institutions to cyberthreats, which, if not identified and caught in time, can have severe impl ications on financial institutions and more general ly, on financial stabi l ity. The course wi l l also cover the latest thinking and developments in FinTech in payment systems, fast payments, and cryptocurrencies and other innovations.

Target Participants: The course is aimed at central bank officers whose principal role is the oversight of systemical ly important payment systems, with at least five years relevant working experience. Officers who are involved in developing payment pol icy and oversight may also apply. Participants are expected to be fami l iar with the risk profi le and risk management of the RTGS and /or have attended the Intermediate Course on Payment Systems Supervision and Regulation.


Through lectures, case studies, and sharing of experiences, participants wi l l gain an understanding of various international initiatives to manage cyberthreats and how to best combat cybercrimes in payment and settlement systems.