Leadership Masterclass I - Leading Adaptively in Complex Times

Event Code :L1A
Venue :Indonesia
Host Name :Bank Indonesia
Coordinator :Ms. Rahimah
Date From :04 Mar 2018
Date To :07 Mar 2018


This Masterclass will expose participants to the appl ication of Complex Adaptive Leadership, a ground-breaking and ful ly integrated approach to enhance performance. The approach features pragmatic tools to address strategic, organizational, and individual behavioral chal lenges to achieve better and faster results in the leadership space. The program involves a four-month peer co-coaching process to support the appl ication of the science in the day-to-day job and report clear measurable benefits.

Target Participants: The course is aimed at senior executives of Deputy Director level at least, who lead teams and/or are involved in top-priority projects, and are keen to learn how to clarify chal lenges in a VUCA environment and strengthen their abi l ity to obtain the results that matter for their central banks.


Through highly interactive sessions, the Masterclass wi l l:

  • Offer an understanding on why leadership needs to adapt in an increasingly volati le, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) landscape, and that within this environment, simple rules can apply;
  • Explore the principles that need to be in place to improve engagement and productivity; and,
  • Demonstrate the appl ication of a powerful mix of behaviors to enable leadership not only downwards but upwards, sideways, and outwards to extend influence.