Leadership Masterclass II - Building Leadership Resilience

Event Code :L1B
Venue :Malaysia
Host Name :Bank Negara Malaysia
Coordinator :Ms. Nadhirah
Date From :07 Nov 2018
Date To :10 Nov 2018


This Masterclass provides participants with the opportunity to look deeply at how to recover from change or adversity, whether in the workplace or l ife in general. At its core, participants wi l l learn how to effectively respond to negative situations with a positive attitude and a renewed commitment to success. In order to close the knowing-doing gap, participants must be committed to working on the key areas for development that they select.

Target Participants: The course is aimed at senior executives of Deputy Director level at least, who are particularly keen to learn how to face chal lenges or setbacks by mobi l izing emotion positively for improved performance.


The Masterclass wi l l enable participants to:

  • Practise greater awareness of one’s emotional reactions in order to overcome stressful events;
  • Identify the barriers that hold them back from keeping things in perspective;
  • Learn how to defuse emotional ly charged moments and not be encumbered to the point of powerlessness; and,
  • Reflect on ways to turn trials into triumphs and elevate performance.