Leading Change and Making it Happen

Venue :Online Seminars
Host Name :The SEACEN Centre
Date From :07 Jul 2022
Date To :07 Jul 2022


This webinar is anchored around the central theme that the key to Leading Change lies with the leaders themselves driving the change. The 1.5-hour session is designed to consider the environment and the practical steps that leaders need to focus on to propel and sustain the change. It will weave in the balance between the mechanics of change as well as the impact of change on people. It emphasises the importance of not just the logic of the change but the importance of the acceptance of the change to drive effectiveness. This webinar is open to those interested in developing the capability to support/steer organisational change initiatives going beyond merely understanding the importance of the change to being the catalysts for change itself.

Speaker: Ms Karen Shepherdson, Senior Advisor, Leadership and Governance, SEACEN Centre