SEACEN Podcast Episode 17
Posted on 12 September 2019

In this episode, Aziz Durrani speaks to Mr. Findlay Macpherson, who was  most recently Head of Commercial Real Estate, Asia Pacific at HSBC and  is an ex-Senior Technical Specialist from the Bank of England. Findlay  has had a long career in banking, having lived and worked in South  Africa, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Findlay discusses the  Commercial Real Estate market across Asia, and risks and issues inherent  in this business, as CRE exposures often result in losses and  subsequent bank failures if undertaken incorrectly. Findlay also draws  on his banking and regulatory experience and talks about how Central  Banks and Regulators can effectively supervise institutions in the  current climate, as they implement Risk Based Supervision, Basel III,  IFRS 9 and deal with a range of other challenges.


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