Visiting Research Economist
Posted on 19 February 2018

Please be advised the Centre is no longer accepting applications for this position.

SEACEN Research Topics in 2018

Visiting Research Economist (VRE)

The South East Asian Central Banks (SEACEN) Research and Training Centre will be undertaking two collaborative research projects between participating economists of member central banks/monetary authorities and a visiting research economist (VRE).
The SEACEN Centre is therefore seeking research proposals on any aspect of the following ten research themes that have been identified for 2018:

  1. Macroprudential policies: cross-border co-ordination, spill-overs, interaction with monetary policy and effectiveness
  2. Cross-border interbank contagion risk analysis
  3. Risk-based supervision practices among SEACEN member economies
  4. Payment system operations in SEACEN member economies
  5. Payment aspects of financial inclusion in SEACEN member economies: comparisons and policy approaches
  6. Financial innovation and its impact on monetary policy
  7. Implications of digital currency on SECEN member central banks
  8. Incorporating financial stability considerations into monetary policy formulation
  9. Current account dynamics and policy implications in SEACEN member economies
  10. Price-setting behaviour and inflation dynamics in SEACEN member economies and their implication for inflation

Two research proposals will be chosen based on (in no particular order):

  • their individual merit;
  • their feasibility considering available data and resources in SEACEN member economies;
  • their applicability to SEACEN member central banks/monetary authorities; and
  • their benefit to SEACEN member central banks/monetary authorities; 

The two best research projects chosen by The SEACEN Centre will then be pursued under the supervision of the VREs that have submitted the winning entries. Based upon the chosen research projects, The SEACEN Centre will invite staff of member central banks/monetary authorities to participate in the chosen research projects. The VRE will take the role of a project leader and provide guidance to Project Team Members (PTMs) from SEACEN member central banks/monetary authorities in implementing the chosen research projects. Prospective candidates are expected to conduct one online workshop and one seminar with the PTMs and complete an integrative report based on the findings of the PTMs. The seminar will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The duration of the project is eight (8) months. For the Terms and Reference and application form, please see the attachment below. Prospective candidates should submit their application together with a cover letter, curriculum vita, application form and a two to three-page research proposal detailing the project’s coverage and methodology. Applicants from SEACEN member central banks/monetary authorities should submit their applications through their respective member central banks/monetary authorities. All applications should be sent to the following e-mail address: by 23 March 2018. Please indicate “VRE: Research projects 2018” in the subject header.

Download the application form here

Terms of Reference (TOR) can be downloaded here

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