List of Previous Webinars
Posted on 20 July 2020

Full list of planned and upcoming webinars hosted by the Centre. These webinars were exclusively available to staff of Member Central Banks and Monetary Authorities.

Date(s) Title Panelist(s)
25/3 How To Undertake A Supervisory Review of a Bank's Business Model

Guest: Keith Pogson

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani, Mark McKenzie

2/4 Liquidity Risk: Recommendations for Immediate Actions by Banks and Their Supervisors in Asia

Guest: Nicholas Wood

SEACEN: Aziz Durrani, Mark McKenzie

10/4 An Initial Assessment of the Economic and Policy Implications of the Coronavirus SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli
15/4 COVID-19 Crisis and Possible Challenges to the Recovery and Resolution Regimes in ASEAN

Guest: Xin Yi Yeoh

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani, Mark McKenzie

17/4 Pandemics Depress the Economy, Public Health Interventions Do Not: Evidence from the 1918 Flu

Guest: Emil Verner

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

22/4 Financial Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis:New Zealand Perspective

Guest: Grant Spencer

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani, Mark McKenzie

24/4 COVID-19: Default Time Bomb?

Guest: Prof. Chang-Tai Hsieh

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Ole Rummel

27 - 29/4 E-lecture series on Unconventional Monetary Policy, Lectures 1 - 3

SEACEN: Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

28/4 SEACEN-ADB Webinar on IFRS9 and NPLs: Suggested Actions for Central Banks, Regulators, and Banks

Guests: Jonathan Leitch, David Gruenberger, Ronald Thompson, Peter Rosenkranz

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani

29/4 COVID-19: Policy Options for Emerging and Developing Markets

Guest: Refet Gurkaynak

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

7/5 SEACEN Online Policy Analysis Workshop 1 - Modelling Challenges in the post COVID-19 Era

SEACEN: Ole Rummel

8/5 Long Run Economic Consequences of Pandemics

Guest: Oscar Jorda

SEACEN: Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

12/5 SEACEN-NGFS Webinar on Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance

Guest: Clement Bourgey

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani

13/5 Leadership Webinar: What it Takes to Lead with Agility

Guest: Nick Obolensky

SEACEN: Geraldine Joseph

14/5 SEACEN-ASB Webinar Series: Original Sin Redux

Guest: Hyun Song Shin

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami

18/5 The Macroeconomics of Pandemics

Guest: Mathias Trabandt

SEACEN: Ole Rummel

19/5 Asset Management Companies and NPL Resolution

Guests: Reiner Martin, Sun-Joon Choe

SEACEN: Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani

20/5 Three Lines of Defense

Guest: Erich Hoefer

SEACEN: Glenn Tasky

21/5 SEACEN Online Policy Analysis Workshop 2 - Administrative Data for Macro and Monetary Policy Analysis

SEACEN: Ozer Karagedikli

26/5 The Role of FinTech in Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guests: Ridzuan Aziz, Johannes Ehrentraud, Sopnendu Mohanty

SEACEN: Mark McKenzie

27/5 Managing Cyber Risks in Banks during COVID-19

Guest: IMF

SEACEN: Mark McKenzie

28/5 Leadership Webinar: Are you a Secure Base Leader?

Guest: George Kohlrieser

SEACEN: Geraldine Joseph

2/6 SEACEN-BIS Webinar on Central Bank Digital Currencies and Blockchain in Financial Services

Guest: Andrew McCormack

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami, Glenn Tasky, Aziz Durrani

3/6 SEACEN-ASB Webinar

Guest: TBA

SEACEN: Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

4/6 SEACEN Policy Analysis Workshop 3

SEACEN: Ole Rummel

5/6 How Can the Responses of Monetary Authorities to the COVID-19 Crisis Support Environmental Sustainability?

Guests: Ulrich Volz, Kate Levick, Morgan Despres

SEACEN: Aziz Durrani


Bank Capital

Guest: Anad Admati

SEACEN: Ozer Karagedikli


Policy Responses and Long-term Consequences

Guest: Stephen Cecchetti

SEACEN: Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

15 - 17/6

Lecture Series: International Implications of COVID-19

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SEACEN-NGFS Webinar on Integrating Climate Risks Into Prudential Supervision

Guests: Irene Heemskerk, Guan Schellekens

SEACEN: Aziz Durrani


Dampening Global Financial Shocks in Emerging Markets – Can Macroprudential Regulation Help?

Guests: IMF

SEACEN: Mangal Goswami


US Policy Response to COVID-19 Financial and Economic Crisis from a Bankers Perspective

Guest: Virginia Varela

SEACEN: Glenn Tasky, Mark McKenzie

25/6 Online Policy Analysis Workshop 4 - Capital Flows Connectedness in Emerging Market Economies   SEACEN: Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli
25/6 Making the Most of Technology during COVID-19: A Central Banker’s Guide

Guest: Philip Straley

SEACEN: Glenn Tasky

26/6 Leading Teams – What Has Changed since Covid-19?

Guest: Didier Marlier, Doug Dean

SEACEN: Geraldine Joseph

29/6 A Toolbox for Sustainable Crisis Response Measures for Central Banks and Supervisors (Asia)*

Guests: Simon Dikau, Ma Jun, Nick Robins & Ulrich Volz

SEACEN: Aziz Durrani

2/7 SEACEN-ASB Webinar: Challenges of Investing in Asia During the COVID Crisis*

Guest: Dave Fernandez

SEACEN: Ole Rummel

6/7 Collapse of Wirecard: Lessons for Supervision of Banks, Payment Systems and FinTech

Guest: Karyn Kenny

SEACEN: Mark McKenzie

8/7 AI and Shifting Mindset of Central Banking & Supervision

Guest: David R. Hardoon

SEACEN: Mark McKenzie

9/7 SEACEN-STI Webinar on Cybersecurity of Remote Working and Cybersecurity Risk Supervision*

Guests: Frank Adelmann, Tamas Gaidosch, Tan Yeow Seng, Tok Yoke Wang, Zsolt Ersek

SEACEN: Mark McKenzie

9/7 How Can Monetary and Financial Policies Support Sustainability Goals In Asia Through The Recovery And Beyond?*

Guests: DG Jessica Chew Cheng Lian, Yulanda Chung, Jeanne Stampe, Ulrich Volz

SEACEN: Aziz Durrani

15/7 SEACEN-NGFS Webinar on the Sustainable and Responsible Investment Guide

Guests: Clement Bourgey, Rianne Luijendijk, Lisanne Cock, Philipp Kuss, Amandine Afota

SEACEN: Aziz Durrani

16/7 SEACEN Policy Analysis Workshop 5 - Advances in Structural Vector Autoregressions with Imperfect Identifying Information

Guest: James D. Hamilton

SEACEN: Ole Rummel, Ozer Karagedikli

20 - 24/7 Online Course on Forecasting

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28/7 Human Capital Webinar: Engaging Multi-Generational Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities

Guest: Dr. Robert Coles

SEACEN: Rosliza Abd Rahman

29/7 Leadership Webinar: Transitioning a Crisis - A Framework to Lead Progress in Turbulent Times

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31/7 SEACEN Webinar on "Indebted Demand"

Guest: Ludwig Straub

SEACEN: Ozer Karagedikli

4/8 Human Capital Webinar: Organizational Development - Emotional Engagement

Guest: Anthony Mitchell

SEACEN: Rosliza Abd Rahman

4/8 SEACEN-PIDM Webinar: Navigating COVID19 - Fortifying Resilience in the Banking Sector*

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5/8 AI in Finance: Introduction and what is REALLY possible with AI?

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6/8 Policy Analysis Workshop 6 - Data and Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Intervention (working title)

SEACEN: Victor Pontines

7/8 SEACEN-PBOC Special Webinar

Details TBC

*Denotes webinars hosted by partner institutions


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