New SEACEN Podcast Episode!
Posted on 22 March 2022
Season 4 - Episode 1: Sanctions and Crypto Assets

Mark McKenzie and Ole Rummel are back on air, ahead of a special webinar on the same topic coming up on 25 March 2022.

Mark and Ole explore  the potential for digital assets and cryptocurrencies to lessen the  impact of sanctions and provide food for thought on steps that SEACEN members and stakeholders can take to scrutinize the use of digital  assets.

Some key questions:

What are sanctions? Can digital assets and cryptocurrencies be used to evade sanctions? What should businesses, including banks, in the SEACEN stakeholder space do to mitigate the risk?

If you are a member central bank staff, invitations to this seminar have been sent to your respective Liaison Officers, please check with them for the latest information.

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