Conference Proceedings

(CP1/2014) Proceedings Of The 3rd SEACEN-CEMLA Conference On "New Paradigm In Central Banking"

Published Date : February 2014


The SEACEN-CEMLA Conference provided a unique opportunity for central banks from the Asian, Latin American and Caribbean regions for the sharing of experiences and deliberating on the shaping of central banks in the new paradigm, rethinking of monetary policy in the new economic environment and challenges for economic growth and financial stability in the Asian and Latin American economies in the “new normal”.

We are happy to share the discussions and presentations via the publication of these proceedings. Indeed, it is hoped that this annual Conference will continue to promote cross regional collaboration and cooperation between the two regions, leading to further initiatives to strengthen networking and central bank learning.

Hookyu Rhu
Executive Director
The SEACEN Centre

Fernando Tenjo Galarza
General Director