Conference Proceedings

(CP3/2014) - Proceedings of the 49th SEACEN Governors' Conference and High-Level Seminar

Published Date : September 2014


As the role of the financial sector in the attainment of inclusive growth is important, it is imperative to devise a comprehensive strategy to steer financial sector development in this direction. In this regard, the theme of the 49th SEACEN Governors’ Conference/High-Level Seminar on “Financial Sector Development Strategy for Inclusive Growth” was timely and valuable for moving forward to a new financial architecture as well as on reassessing the role of the financial system in supporting sustainable and broad-based growth.

In addition to this theme, the topic of “Regional and International Financial Issues” was also discussed during the Governors’ Conference. The discussion was useful towards developing capacity and enhancing resilience of the domestic economies at the time of global shocks. A High-Level Seminar followed this event and three sessions were held in the Seminar, the first being on “New Financial Architecture, Macroprudential Regulation and Supervision for Financial Stability and Growth,” the second on “Emerging Issues on Inclusive Finance for Growth” and the final session on “Capacity Development in SEACEN Member Economies.” These sessions elaborated on the emerging issues and examined the challenges that central bank/monetary authorities were facing at the moment.

These proceedings of the Conference and High-Level Seminar are published jointly by The SEACEN Centre and Nepal Rastra Bank, the organizer and the host of the event respectively, with the expectation of wider dissemination of  the discourse to the benefit of stakeholders at large.