Conference Proceedings

(CP6/2016) SEACEN Conference on Central Bank Cooperation and Mandates in Honor of Former Governor of Bank of Thailand Dr. Puey Ungphakorn

Published Date: : March 2016


The SEACEN Centre held the Conference on “Central Bank Mandates and Cooperation” to commemorate the centenary of  Dr.  Puey  Ungphakorn,  former  Governor  of  the  Bank  of 
Thailand. Dr. Puey made important contributions to economic development  of  Thailand   and  to  strengthening  its  system  of  higher education.  Dr. Puey was the Governor of the (Central)
Bank of Thailand (BOT) for 12 years, a Dean of the Faculty of Economics, and also a rector of Thammasat University. Strong principles,  integrity  and  patriotism,  characteristic  of  Dr.  Puey, greatly influenced his   contributions to  Thailand’s progress in establishing a solid foundation for sustainable growth. During his tenure as the Governor, Dr. Puey also played a crucial role in  promoting financial stability and   was    a  strong advocate of central bank cooperation in the region, leading to the creation of The SEACEN Centre.

The  primary  thematic  focus  of  the  Conference,  attended  by 400 delegates, was on central bank cooperation in the current context of increased financial market
integration, and on the desirability of expanded mandates for central banks.

Conference Proceedings