SEACEN-BOJ Intermediate Course on Payment and Settlement Systems

Event Code : PS1B Date : 27.03.2017 to 31.03.2017
Venue : Malaysia Co-ordinator :
Host : The SEACEN Centre


Summary: This Course provides comprehensive knowledge in terms of risk, risk management and governance of core payment and settlement systems (retail payment systems and large value payment system). Mid-level officers or technical staff, with at least 2 years working experience on payment and settlement operations, policy, oversight, risk profiling and management, or IT supervision. Participants should have basic knowledge of payment and settlement concepts and operations.

Objectives: At the end of the Course, participants will be able to: (i) explain the role of payment systems in financial stability and monetary policy; (ii) identify major risks in core payment and settlement systems using country examples; (iii) assess liquidity management options in the RTGS to enhance efficiency; and (iv) explain risk management measures, including central bank’s oversight and business continuity planning, based on international norms and best practices.

NEW: Download the current draft of the Course Outline at this link (accurate as of 19 January 2017). Please check back regularly as the  information within is subject to change.

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