Leadership Masterclass II – Leading Innovation (Coordinator: Ms. Mangai)

Event Code : L1B Date : 22.10.2017 to 25.10.2017
Venue : Cambodia Co-ordinator : Mangai Rajoo
Host : National Bank of Cambodia


This experiential course provides participants the opportunity to look deeply at the impact of their leadership in central banking thus far and identify and clarify their vision for their future. At its core, the course will explore ways to become a more reflective leader with actionable skills to perform more impactfully. In order to close the knowing-doing gap, participants must be committed to building a statement of vision and working on the key areas for development that they select.
Theme: Leading Innovation
The course will enable participants to:
* Evaluate the roots of their leadership styles and effects on themselves and others;
* Decide on the purpose they want to pursue and the legacy they want to develop; and
* Consider if they need to increase their efficacy as leaders, and remove the barriers that keep them from fulfilling their goals.
Target Participants
The course is aimed at senior executives of Deputy Director level at least, who are particularly keen to learn how to better align their leadership actions with their future vision or goals that they want.

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