Intermediate course for Bank Examiners

Event Code : FS1B Date : 15.05.2017 to 19.05.2017
Venue : Malaysia Co-ordinator :
Host : The SEACEN Centre


Summary: Building on the SEACEN Foundation Course for Bank Examiners, this course focuses on developing and enhancing bank examiners’ skills to a level of proficiency where they should be able to independently serve as Examiner-In-Charge (EIC) of safety and soundness examinations of non-complex, non-problem banks over the next eighteen months. Technical content focuses on understanding capital and liquidity management and risk, advanced credit analysis, risk management practices and assessing the overall stability of the bank and its future prospects. Behavioral skills development will focus on enhancing examiners’ ability to effectively present and support examinations findings to banks’ boards of directors and executive management.

Objectives: To provide exposure to more advanced bank examination techniques and enhance participants’ depth of knowledge, expertise and judgement. Designed for supervisors in emerging markets with eighteen months to two years field examination experience, including participation in assessing loan portfolio quality.

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