Advanced Course for Bank Examiners (Coordinator: Ms. Haslina)

Event Code : FS1C Date : 09.10.2017 to 13.10.2017
Venue : Malaysia Co-ordinator : Ms. Haslina Muda
Host : The SEACEN Centre


Summary: Building on the SEACEN Foundation and Intermediate Courses for Bank Examiners, this course focuses on sharpening existing skills so that participants, who have already served as Examiners-In-Charge (EIC) of safety and soundness examinations for non-complex, non-problem banks, are prepared to serve as EIC for more complex or riskier institutions. . Technical content focuses on more specialized credit analysis and conducting more granular assessments of how bank’s measure, monitor and control risk. Behavioral skills development focuses on enabling an examiner to effectively present and support examinations findings to banks’ boards of directors and executive management in more difficult or potentially contentious interactions -- for example, where a bank may strongly disagree or challenge examiner’s findings. The course curriculum covers five days, with the last three days consisting of a bank simulation exercise. The class is divided into groups who compete against each other in “running” a bank using a realistic simulation model.

Objectives: To provide exposure to more advanced bank examination principles and methods. The Course is designed for supervisors with at least five years’ practical experience in bank examination and supervision, who have served as an EIC for non-complex bank examinations. Course participants should have completed the Intermediate Bank Examiner Course or have demonstrated proficiency in that Course’s curriculum modules. Senior bank supervision policy staff may also find the course content and interactions to be relevant and beneficial to their work.

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