(WP3/2014) Research-Integrated Learning: A Distinct Possibility

Publish Date : March 2014Authors : Choon-Seng Lim, Vincent and Seow Yun YeePages : 15Price : USD 8.00Total Downloads : 1344

Can a research and training institute excel in both research (R)  and training (T) by crafting a “synergistic relationship” to produce what  Aristotle would say “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”? Interest in integrating research (R) and training (T) took a leap frog with the ending of the binary divide - the differentiation between polytechnic institutions and universities - in Australia (1987) and the UK (1992) (Hughes, 2004). As much as the realization of the importance to integrate research and training to enrich the process of learning by  incorporating current research of staff into the learning curriculum, in reality, for higher/adult learning, empirical research on the relationship between teaching and research is rather difficult to conduct as data is not easily derived. As such, for R-T integration to be successful, it must incorporate the human activity system and provide opportunities to incorporate management skills, leadership, self-development and organization learning. It is also vital to create an atmosphere for the relationship to flourish: a live interaction between learners and researchers so that both parties will benefit from the sharing of  information and knowledge. In short, it is all about first putting people in the right and conducive environment.

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