Associate Members

SEACEN has 7  Associate Member Centrak Banks/ Monetary Authoritiies that are invited regularly to  participate in all SEACEN learning programmes as well as the annual SEACEN Governors' Conference/High-level Seminar. The list of the Associate Members and their weblinks are given below:

SEACEN Associate Members   1. Reserve Bank of Australia
  2. Bangladesh Bank
  3. Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
  4. Monetary Authority of Macao
  5. State Bank of Pakistan
  6. National Reserve Bank of Tonga
  7. Reserve Bank of Vanuatu



SEACEN  also has 8 Observer Central Banks/ Monetary Authorities  which are invited regularly to participate in all SEACEN learning programmes. The list of Observers  and their weblinks are given below:

SEACEN Observers   1. Da Afghanistan Bank 
  2. The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  3. Bank of Japan
  4. Maldives Monetary Authority
  5. Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  6. Central Bank of Samoa
  7. Central Bank of Solomon Islands
  8. Central Bank of Timor-Leste


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