Technology and Emerging Risks in Payment Systems (Signature Course) (Together with Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure)

Event Code :PS1C-2019
Venue :India
Host Name :Reserve Bank of India
Coordinator :Ms. Mangai
Date From :08 Jul 2019
Date To :10 Jul 2019


The rapid advancement of technology has opened new opportunities for the enhancement of systems used for originating processing payments. At the same time, it has also encouraged perpetrators of cybercrime to develop more sophisticated and advanced tools. This increases the exposure of financial institutions to cyberthreats, which, if not identified and caught in time, can have severe implications on financial institutions and more generally, on financial stability.   This course covers cutting-edge issues and developments in payment systems involving the application of technology, such as cross-border payments and correspondent banking; the potential of technology to enhance financial inclusion; the spread of mobile wallets and contactless payments; the potential of open application programming interfaces (open APIs) to enhance the bank customer experience; and 24/7 availability and fast payments.  In addition, the course will explain emerging cyberthreats to payment systems and how to identify, monitor, and mitigate these threats; and the basics of a cyber resilience assessment framework for payment systems. 


Upon completing the course, participants will have an up-to-the-minute understanding of the latest developments in payment systems utilizing advanced technology, and whether or not these developments pose threats to financial stability, consumer protection, or the integrity of the payment system. 

Target Participants

The course is aimed at central bank staff whose principal role is the operation or oversight of systemically important payment systems, with at least five years relevant working experience. Staff who are involved in developing payment policy and oversight may also apply.  Participants should be familiar with the basic characteristics and functioning of large-value payment systems (LVPS), retail payment systems (RPS), payment cards, and various models of mobile financial services.