WEBINAR: SEACEN Online Policy Analysis Workshop 1

Event Code :WB172020
Venue :Online Webinar
Host Name :Online Webinar
Coordinator :
Date From :07 May 2020
Date To :07 May 2020


The SEACEN Centre is delighted to launch a series of what are intended to be regular policy analysis workshops, which are of a more analytical nature than the regular webinar series.  The aim is for researchers from the entire SEACEN community to come together in a friendly and constructive environment to discuss current (and future) policy issues and seek feedback and comments from each other.  We welcome potential speakers from all areas of central banking, be it monetary policy, financial stability, markets, payment systems, etc.  As best as we can, this is meant to be an interactive seminar to share ideas, experiences and practical advice on analytical issues and their policy implications.


The first SEACEN Online Policy Analysis Workshop will be on Thursday, 7 May at 12 noon, with Ole Rummel presenting on ‘Modelling challenges in the post-COVID-19 era’.  In particular, Ole would like to discuss the implications of structural breaks in modelling and forecasting as well as ways of mitigating them.  On account of the lockdown, such features of the data will occur in many of the main macro-financial time series that central banks regularly analyse, such as output, employment, credit, etc.  Time-permitting, he would also like to highlight some lockdown-related issues for CPI measurement and the resulting implications for the calculation (and information content) of inflation.