Effective Communication for Leaders in a Digital Era

Venue :Online Seminars
Host Name :The SEACEN Centre
Date From :04 Jun 2021
Date To :04 Jun 2021


While communicating across virtual teams may have been the norm for some organisations, the workforce effects of COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the global impact and transformed the future of work for almost every organisation. As the world begins to shift communication messages from surviving to thriving, leaders need to recognise the residual impact and increasingly important role employee engagement plays in fuelling productivity and achieving key operational outcomes in a virtual or hybrid work environment. Fostering and leveraging trust with teams has therefore become not a nice-to-have, but a new operational imperative. This webinar will outline the context for this shift, how leaders must communicate differently and the approach for cultivating trust in a digital work environment. The session is open to anyone who is interested to learn how to communicate better in a digital era.

About the Speaker
Gerry Lewis is the President and Owner of Gerry Lewis Inc. (GLINC), an international communications and change readiness consultancy. Gerry and his team of communication strategists, change coaches, and animation and graphic illustrators help organisations get strategy out of the boardroom and bring it to the front lines. He has facilitated and delivered workshops, conferences and change transformation initiatives in more than 70 countries.
Gerry is also the author of SHINE, an award-winning communications handbook where he shares his insights on how to “Stand Out, Get Noticed and Be Brilliant’ at work. SHINE, the winner of the 2015 Canadian Small Business Book Awards, has been translated into simplified Mandarin and is sold in China and across South East Asia.
Prior to forming GLINC, Gerry had a 20-year career at TD Bank, one of Canada’s largest financial institutions with over 85,000 employees.