SEACEN ED Meets with Strategic Partners at the 83rd BIS AGM
Posted on 01 July 2013

 The SEACEN Centre, represented by its Executive Director, Mr. Hookyu Rhu, had the opportunity to further strengthen collaboration and ties with the BIS when he attended the 83th Annual General Meeting of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland from 23 to 24 June 2013. During his visit, Mr. Rhu had the opportunity to meet senior officials of the BIS and affiliated institutions such as the Financial Stability Institute (FSI), Central Bank Governance Group and Financial Stability Board to discuss existing and future collaboration and assistance in learning and research activities.  

In his meeting with Mr. Herve Hannoun, Deputy General Manager of BIS, Mr. Rhu briefed him on SEACEN-BIS collaborative programmes as well as to thank him and BIS for support in SEACEN activities.  Mr. Hannoun was also briefed on the upcoming SEACEN Governors’ Conference in Nepal. Mr. Hannoun was pleased that the collaboration between SEACEN and BIS has strengthened over the years and reiterated that the BIS would continue to collaborate with SEACEN in building capacity of the central banking community in Asia-Pacific.   

Mr. Rhu also met with the following BIS officials: Mr. Josef Tošovský, Chairman of the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) and Ms Colleen Cassidy, Director of FSI; Mr. David Archer, Secretary of the Central Bank Governance Group; Mr. Kaushik Jayaram, Head of Administration, Monetary and Economic Department (MED); Mr. Philip Turner, Deputy Head, MED and Director of Policy, Coordination and Administration; Mr. Bruno Tissot, Head of Statistics and Research Support; Mr. Marc Hollander, Special Advisor on Financial Stability and Market Structure; Mr. Dietrich Domanski, Head of Policy and Coordination;  Mr. Claudio Borio, Deputy Head, MED and Director of Research and Statistics;  Mr. Dietrich Domanski, Head of Policy and Coordination and last but not least, Mr. Eli Remolona, Chief Representative, BIS Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific. 
Going forward, with the commitment of BIS and its affiliated institutions to continue collaboration, a stronger partnership with SEACEN is expected to be forged in the years to come. The SEACEN Centre would like to take this opportunity to thank the BIS and affiliated institutions for their technical assistance and provision of resource speakers which have been vital in the implementation of SEACEN’s programme of activities.

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