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SEACEN Capital Flows Monitor - 2018 Update

Publish Date: : December 2018
Author:: The SEACEN Centre


The SEACEN Capital Flows Monitor 2018 Update is the second issue of the report in 2018. It focuses on first half 2018 trends and drivers of cross-border capital flows of SEACEN member economies, and includes Australia and Japan which are members of the SEACEN Expert Group (SEG) on Capital Flows. The first section of the report highlights that SEG economies, as a group, remained net capital exporters in 1H2018, although its net position declined due to lower portfolio inflows and lower reserve accumulation. The second section is an analytical section which focuses on benchmarking capital inflows. The section finds that actual capital inflows to most SEG economies oscillate around their respective benchmark, while for others, they are either persistently above or below their respective benchmark.

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